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There are more Luxury hotels in Delhi offering royal service. Central Delhi has exuberant luxury hotels in Delhi. There are many cheap stays in Delhi which are famous for their heart warming amenities. Accommodation in budget hotels in Delhi will earn a lifetime experience in meager expense.

Delhi is not an ordinary city. The place was always the spiral for vital political activities The ruling of many powerful emperors of the Indian history which have given strong historical background to Delhi. Tourists love to view the glory of Qutub Minar, Tomb of Illumes, and Alaudin Khiliji's tomb, Alai Darawaza, Kalu Sarai Mosque, Jama Masjid, Asoka Pillar, and Delhi Gate. Besides there are many other wonderful places in Delhi showing glimpse of history

Located in the Heart of the City, at Unistar we take care of your needs with the hospitality that is worth Mentioning. we have tried to provide our guests with all the facilities at the most reasonable prices that is why we can call ourselves a budget hotel so that you can get the Worth of your money. Do give us a Chance to Serve you.

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